Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Vinyl graphics/ manifesto quote for sewer's windows

As found in the (top-secret) development .pdf's I sent out today, we have the OK to do some simple/ elegant vinyl graphics across the sewers windows. They will be installed with the first round and will be permanent throughout the changes in the other windows.

- They must not block/ intervene with view of sewers (aka the heartbeat of the lab!) from the street.

Here's the proposed quote from the
lululemon manifesto:

"Athletic-induced endorphins give you the power to make better decisions."

However, the pdf's did not illustrate my current vision. I plan to arrange the copy to span across the window, descending from the top left corner of the far window, leading the viewer's eye to the main retail entry & displays. I'd also like to do some simple, complimentary line work, and possibly integrate this into the other windows to give a greater sense of cohesiveness.

Here are the top two typefaces Raneen and I favoured last night:

I'm envisioning some whimsical/ swirly/ loopy maybe bubbles, yoga-inspired - nothing too heavy.
HOWEVER, feedback from Helen & Dawei kinda leaves me wondering if I'm way out to lunch in this direction? They mentioned it doesn't capture the strength, power, punch, impact of our intention. I thought the large scale would take care of this... what are your thoughts?

Would love to hear further constructive feedback and ideas.

- Nicole

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